Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The past week has been absolutely wild. Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, New York City, Colorado...

I Made a very long drive from Florida to New Jersey with a couple quick stops in between and ended up at the Gravity Brawl on Friday. The competition was very strong with a list of V12 climbers a mile long. I haven't seen a line-up like that since Nationals and the Trade Show in August. Needless to say, I climbed well and still placed 19th.

I went to the city with Max and Ben and got some good shots on Saturday before finals...

We went straight from the city to finals and I have some magnificent footage of a few of the climbs and a couple precious moments from Andre... I have been pressed for time in Boulder and I have not been able to edit everything yet but it is coming I swear!

In the mean time I did get to shoot some ballin' footage in Florida and with some creative assistance from Special K I was able to put together the third installment of Nate Draughn Presents: Hugging...

Nate Draughn Presents: How To Hug

The house in Boulder is above expectations and very unique and our fridge is in the living room for no reason...

The first few days of work at Sportiva have been packed with excitement and I was able to spend a day at the Spot and up in Boulder Canyon so I am satisfied. This weekend is the Teva Games and we are headed to Vail to enjoy the shit show that is World Cup.

A detailed Brawl report is coming soon and hopefully the weather clears and we can get to Evans on Friday.

Everything is happening.

Made the Escape...

Jon G.


  1. Fuck man! Evans friday? So jealous! AH!!!! We will be there soon enough. Enjoi the alpine!

  2. ...soft porn!

    -andrew graham-

  3. no foreplay... right to the hug, then breezin'? this man is a master.