Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mobile Blog Unit

This is my first attempt to blog while driving with my knees and cruise control at 80 mph in the middle of Ohio...

So far so good. I find myself repeatedly looking at my blackberry for many minutes at a time without ever looking at the road and I a convinced I will die in a ball of flames and twisted metal... But it would all be worth it to get a blog out right?

I am currently on the way to boulder, CO and I haven't gotten out of the car yet and I have put in 550 miles so far.

I can't feel my legs.

The gravity brawl was nutty and a mega list of who's who showed up and climbed very strong. I did pretty well and still took 17th place. I took a ton of footage and some great behind the scenes stuff with andre.

A full report and updates are one the way. I just have to survive this 26 hour drive...

Jon G. "Road warrior"

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