Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vacation Before The Storm

Greetings friends,

Climbing and school had been catching up with me. Low motivation from the heat and the rain meant it was time for a change of pace before the insanity of Colorado.

I met up with Nate D. in North Carolina and we road made an impromptu road trip to Florida to visit some close friends and get away from the madness.

Nate met a pretty girl there...

I threw Kirsten in the pool...

All in all it was a great vacation to say the very least.

We filmed the next episode of "Nate Draughn Presents" in Fla and it is going to be an instant classic.

I packed up my car again this morning and I'm heading up to New Jersey this afternoon for one of the most stacked comps I have seen since the Trade Show and Nationals. I am meeting up with the best route setter on the east coast, Max Z., and we are driving to Colorado straight from Jersey.

I have very low expectations for this competition so I guess I can only surprise myself, which is always good. Finals is the goal as usual.

Till then...

Jon G.

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