Saturday, June 6, 2009

Getting Down to Business in Boulder...

I have been in Boulder all of 5 days now and it has been a very productive 120 hours.

The first order of business was to finish off some old beef with a problem in Boulder Canyon called Hard Boiled (V11). We went out on Tuesday and it ended up raining on us as we got to the boulder so we had to bail. Thursday was better and good temps at dusk made the greasy granite a bit more forgiving. I'm sure you have seen a few videos of this problem by now but you haven't seen me on it so here you go...

Hard Boiled (V11)

I have been working a lot at Sportiva the past week and it has been fantastic. There is something special about talking to coworkers and in the same sentence as "make sure you finish all the orders that are pending" you also hear "you been up to the park yet? I hear its almost out of the snow"... Weird. Climbers and work in the same job and I'm not setting? This is going to take some getting used to... Updating Facebook and Twitter with news about bad ass Sportiva athletes is about as good as it gets...

Spending time with the crew that is in town is exciting and more people keep rolling in and that will make the summer even better. "The" Tommy Morrison just arrived and we encountered him in his natural habitat today up at Evans. It is great to see familiar faces!

Ross Bowden Hammin'

My good friend and old roommate, Ross Bowden, is in town as well and he will be riding in the pro mountain bike race at Teva in Vail tomorrow. We are going out to show support and also catch the semi-finals and finals of the world cup and watch some homies try and beat Killian up on plastic.

Very busy and more great videos and pictures are in the works after a fruitful evening at Mt. Evans...

If anyone knows Brion at all please make fun of him either on my blog or on his blog for this picture. Hilarious.

Off to Vail!

Jon G.

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