Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring in Full Effect

It is raining. Everywhere. A lot.

I have been editing a lot of footage and training in the gym but moral is low after a week of straight rain and another week of it on the horizon.

Here is a video of a couple classics at Blowing Rock. I have been getting a lot of good feedback from people about the videos from Boone that Nate and I have been posting. It is great to see people coming up to Boone and looking for the problems we feature in our flicks. If you haven't been to Room With A View (V10) at Blowing Rock then you are missing out. You can find this problem below the patio you stand on to start Smart Tom and if you look in the video, the problem I top out straight up is called Room With A View and is on the softer side of V10. If you gain the lip and go left to the arete and up that is called Room With An Arete and is a bit harder.

AHR (V8) and Room with a View (V10)

Everyone is getting excited about the trip back to the New River Gorge for the New River Rendezvous and another session at the Power Plant Boulders. I have been eagerly waiting to get back and work on some projects we found there. The potential there is absolutely astounding and projects will go faster than a speedin' crawfish, as they say in West VA...

Check out Deadpoint Mag for some excellent new videos, particularly Jason's video of James Litz on Masterpiece (V13), one of the best videos I have seen in a while. It really puts the Momentum videos to shame. What happened to that site? Who wants to watch Sanuk advertisements all day? No one I know...

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! I'll leave you with an inspiring video Matt O. sent to me the other day. This guy is sick.

Jon G.


  1. Holy Shit that bike vid is ILL!!!!!!
    haha, and yea. Lov'n the rain too.

  2. Yeah...
    On the real.
    Momentum is really startin to suck it. What isss happening?
    "suck on my dick and don't let it smear"
    Weezy F-Baby!!

  3. LOVE!

  4. omg i was such a pussy when i rode trials and bmx... some of that shit is insane commitment factor to the maxx x10. highballing is weak.

    one time i bunnyhopped onto a picnic table and jumped off the end. i thought i was ill.

    answer: no.