Monday, May 4, 2009

Memory Lane...

As graduation insanity builds and friends and enemies clash in drama-town, I can't help but get sentimental about all the good times and all the crazy times that have been a part of my life here in Boone. 7 years is a long time for a dedicated boulderer to be stuck in one small mountain town but that should be a testament to the quality of rock and the quantity of hard boulders right in my back yard.

I moved to Boone right after I graduated from High School in 2002 and a lot has changed for me over the years and a lot of people have come and gone from Boone since I first arrived. I was lucky enough to spend time climbing on the perfect rock that I have come to love in the High Country and was even able to leave my mark with a few great boulder problems. I have met so many amazing people in my time here, from the locals who developed the areas, travelers who have passed through to sample the stone, and especially the students who share in the passion.

I remember meeting Tony Disanto the first year I got to Boone and bouldering took off for both of us, a match made in heaven...

Tony Disanto in His Prime

During my freshman and sophomore year I lived with the one and only Stephen Meinhold and had some wild times on the rocks and partying at night...

The Stephen Meinhold

I lived with a professional biker, Ross Bowden, my junior and senior year and he got me hooked on two wheels.

Business Casual with Ross Bowden

I was also graced with one of the greatest climbing partners a guy could ever ask for, Nate Draughn, and together we have taken our abilities to the next level over the past 3 years. Ben Johnson, Dustin Chambers, Jay Tilly, Josh Shepherd, and Brian Clevenger made the climbing scene complete and these people are the reasons I will miss Boone climbing so much. The community here is tight and there is always someone fun to climb with...

Nate Draughn climbing with Ben Johnson and Dustin Chambers

I spent some time with Nate this weekend filming a little thing we are going to start calling "Nate Draughn Presents" and I am sure you will enjoy it. There will be more videos like this to come so drink it in. Heavily.

Nate Draughn Presents: How to get a Tattoo When You're Broke

Boone will be missed but not terribly. My "super tick" list has seven problems left on it in the Boone area and five of those are V13 or harder so... I guess I will be back when I feel like I can take care of business in a timely fashion. Most of my friends, both climbers and non-climbers, are graduating or coming to Boulder for the summer so that solves that problem. Nothing like having friends in every town you visit...

I got a blast from the past from my good buddy Jimmy Webb who shot me a video classic from his archives. In the video I do a low but fun problem called Ground Control (V12) put up by Chris Schulte a few years back. Last summer in Colorado was a blast and I am leaving for Boulder in a few weeks so it was great to see some motivation for this year. I just remembered how much work I have to do up there...

Colorado 2 from Jimmy Webb

I made a new logo for Louder Than 11 this past weekend and upgraded the old logo that Jordan had been using. I think it turned out really well and really has a video feel to it:

This logo will work really well for video intros and will blend perfectly in After Effects. Its gonna be great.

I'm off to take my last exam ever in the last class I will ever take. Cant wait. Tonight will result in darkness...

Time to Escape.


  1. Ha! You beat me to it :) Putting the new logo online is on my todo list this evening. Great post, Jon. I love the Nate Draughn presents series.

  2. i'm a gonna steal nate's kitchen and put it in my kitchen soz i can getz paid too

  3. I love the installment of Draughn presents. Nate, the new tattoo is awesome! Good work men.