Friday, May 8, 2009

Cranked (Family Edition)

Well... Back by popular demand is Kansas, a mysterious and devious woman, caught on Blackberry video breaking into my house and taking some Crank Forearm Fuel to the face.

Cranked (The Family Edition)

In keeping with the spirit of complete and total anarchy in Boone, last night I gave myself half a black eye when a misjudged moon bounce back flip went totally wrong and my knee had relations with my right eye hole...

Joose just came out with a new flavor: Jungle

Side Note:

Did anyone else bear witness to the 1000 Lb art instillation, shaped like a wheel 15 feet high and made of steel, nearly ravage a passing car as it rolled down a steep parking lot? That shit was crazy.

To help you through day 34970934765 of constant rain:

Here is an old video from the Horseshoe Canyon Ranch archives. Grand Dragon (V7) climbs a stunning rib feature that splits a blank wall, a real beauty.

Grand Dragon (V7)

My house is nearly empty now...

Scavengers have taken all of my furniture and most of my most precious belongings...

Jon G.

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