Friday, April 10, 2009

Great Success!

The Remier of Satisfaction held on Tuesday was packed, lines out the door, no empty seats, and 100 guests. We raised over $300 for the Carolina Climbers Coalition and had a great time in the process. A huge thank you goes out to everyone that helped:

Dustin Chambers
Clay Hefner
Pat Goodman
Zachary Lesch-Huie
Anthony Love
Jim Horton
Chad Wykle
Charles Morris
Jordan Shipman
Studio Chambers
Sheri Baker
Laura Fryer
Nancy Jackson
Nate Draughn

You guys were great! Thanks again.

Here is a quick write up that the CCC did for the event.

Chuck Morris of Project Holds

La Sportiva updated their LIVE page and they posted an article i wrote for them a while back on SO Ill. Jordan Shipman's video from the Lilly Boulders is the video of month and can also be seen on Urban TV. Peep that.

Nate and I are heading down to Chattanooga to boulder with Ben Johnson for the weekend and kick it Easter style in the dirty. We have no real agenda just hanging out and checking out some new stuff in the area. Hospital Boulders? Laurel Snow? Chattanooga Art Building?

Tommy Morrison, where are you?

Dave Tucker is coming back to Boone early next week and has a crush list a mile long so we will have some good footage from that im sure.

Ill leave you with some footage from the Remier....

Satisfaction 2009 Remier! from Jon Glassberg on Vimeo.


  1. sweet man, wish I coulda been there!!!
    Rocktown kicked ass this weekend!!!
    Haley and I are planning on comin to Boone May 6-10

    check it out...
    - Andrew Graham -

  2. Great event, Jon. Thanks for putting it together.


  3. Anything for you Zachary... World Tour?