Monday, April 13, 2009

Rocktown is at the Top of the List

Nate and I got back from Chattanooga late last night. I learned 3 important things on this trip:

1) all-you-can-eat sushi is not really that good (Go figure)...
2) Dogs still don't like cats
3) Getting high on a boulder problem is what rock climbing is all about

We rolled in on Friday and stayed with Ben Johnson and his racist neighbors in his mom's old ass house...

We met up with Andrew Graham, Hailey, and Stephen and headed to Rocktown with no real goals, we just wanted to get on some new stuff. We warmed up and I did the Vagina (V8), which I don't think that I had ever done for some reason, and Nate went down and stomped Bermuda Triangle (V9) with the quickness.

Graham had been working Burst Of Joy (V9) for a while and he got the send, and a fella named Thomas Blackford got it on tape:

Burst Of Joy at Rocktown from Thomas Blackford on Vimeo.

Strong sending Graham! Good heel beta...

We then headed over to the Campus Punks are and we ran the train on Suspicious Minds (V5) and Freed's Fall (V5), two fantastic highballs with heady cruxes. Hailey made a very impressive send of Suspicious Minds (FFA by Kim Feuling) and Graham took care of some unfinished business on Freed's Fall after taking the 20+ foot fall multiple times last year...

I got the 4th ascent of McGinnis Roof (V10) and was lucky enough not to blow the feet on Campus Punks (V7). We headed down to Iron Claw Sit (V10) and Nate and I worked it for a while after building an insane landing over 2 feet of water with a crew of 6. I was able to send despite the grease and Nate worked out all the moves and will do it next trip.

I also did a few highballs in the backfield including a 40 foot arete right of Tractor Trailer that turned out to be really fun and kind of scary. In the video the giant chalked up sloper is around 20 feet. Has this thing been done? I thought it weighed in around V6. John McCauley made a quick send right after me and made it look a bit easier... What do you think John?

I did another really good face opposite Rotten Egg that climbed up a beautiful 30+ foot head wall with huge perfect moves. Anyone know what that thing is called? Has it been done?

Here is a video I put together from the day, enjoy...

Rocktown Bouldering

It was great seeing old friends this weekend and taking it easy (Ben you are the MOST BEST). Looking forward to the New River Rendezvous in May, deep water soloing at Summersville, and maybe hooking up a trip to Jersey for the Brawl...

Jon G.


  1. Nice one, all those climbs are soo nice!
    And props on the landing for Iron Claw!
    Badly needed.

  2. oh my god that fucking pussy . . .

  3. looked like a sweet trip. some sick high balling,nice. Cool you met Tom, he used to live near me, strong dude.

  4. Woodruff rated campus punks V3 I think. You should try running at the boulder and trying to jump all the way to the good pocket. Funnest way by far. mike