Monday, April 6, 2009

2009: The Year of the Mixtape

Dave and I stumbled across gold yesterday while playing on The Hype Machine:

J-Son, Baby Supreme and Glaciuz, are making hip hop history. They're from Sweden. Apparently Stockholm is the new ATL.

Check out "Dealer Shit" and let it take you over....

Asher Roth has a really good mix tape out called The Greenhouse Effect:

Have yourself a free download an listen.

Tomorrow is the Remier of Satisfaction! This is huge people. We will have lots of free beer to give away and plenty of raffle prizes, oh and did i mention beer?

This past weekend was a continuation of the "Boone Celebration". Spending time in Boone lately has been really good with lots of climbing, new awesome people, baked goods, and parties... Not guilty.

Dan Hague, Dave Tucker, and Matt Oberhardt arrived on Friday for a weekend getaway in B-Town. Nate and I gave them the tour of the classics and it was refreshing to make the rounds and see some problems that I haven't been on in years. Dan did Zen (v7), successfully calibrating his internal V-grade so that he can downgrade in the gym some more with his "I dont climb V7" attitude... Just kidding Dan... Dave hulk smashed Lever 2000 (V9) after proclaiming that he "could never do that move!" and that he wished he was "Just a little bit taller"... and Matt was nursing a potentially stress fractured finger but was still able to hang in there...

This is a quick video i threw together of some of the fun from the weekend...

The Iceberg (V5), Lever 2000 (V9) and Area E Arete (V3)

We are shooting video at the Remier tomorrow and there is a serious Pre-Re-Party at Tilly's and an even bigger Re-After-Party... Something funny will happen.

Here is some old stuff from the archives:

Throwback Pic of the Week - Lost Cove during the golden years...

Mike Stam on Temporal Analogs of Paradise (V9)

Jon G.

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  1. First boulder is Boulder's Boulder; Iceberg is next boulder towards cube, with west texas on it. Area E arete is palm reader.