Monday, January 19, 2009

Yes We Can...

Just got home from a cold weekend in Chattanooga and a few warm nights snuggled up with a couple of fat ferrets at Kasia's... Sunday I finished off Reflections (V10) at Little Rock City and Nate snatched up Cleopatra Cinderella Traverse (V9) on his first attempt of the day (

Reflections (V10).

I am beginning to get frustrated with Little Rock City and cant seem to be inspired there other then a few lines that really stand out that i haven't gotten yet:

King James (V10)
Dragon Slayer (V12)
Space (V8)
Barn Door (Project)

I think, and Nate agrees big time, that once you have done the handful of classics there are a lot of "filler" climbs that seem worth it becasue you are there but in reality those lines aren't worth the effort. Either way you look at it there are still a handful of 3 or 4 star lines there not to mention one of the best boulders in the country, The Shield, so in no way does the area not deserve credit, but after multiple trips spent at LRC it is nice to go to new areas and find new inspiration. Something about The Chattanoogan (V12 that doesn't top out and is a traverse), Biggie Shorty Extension (V12 that doesn't top out and is a traverse as well), and Jeremiah (V11 that is dagger sharp) that just isn't inspiring...

Nate and I went to Laurel Snow today on our way back to Boone so Nate could work Lord of the Dance (V11) and finish off Hippie Culture (V9), and he did just that. I spent an hour building a killer (water free) landing out of river rocks under an alternate start to River Dance that Brion Voges put up a while back called Capoeira (V10). I sent third go and Nate got it shorty there after and we headed back to Boone in a mini blizzard...

Inauguration tomorrow! Peace!

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