Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Road To Rhode Island... And Boston...

I'm headed to Raleigh, NC today to catch a flight to Manchester, NH to visit Gavin, Max, and Doug. The Heart of Steel Bouldering Competition is on Saturday and there is some descent money up for grabs as well as some potentially awesome finals rounds set up... The finals rounds are going to have cash taped to the wall, game show style, that you grab as you go by and you potentially can make up to $1000 by finishing the problems the other can't. There will be a few strong guys there that I know of, Vasya and Foley, so it should be a good time and a good way to force myself to get into better shape for Nationals in February.

In the mean time here is the long anticipated video of The Shield at Little Rock City. I spent 4 days on this beautiful boulder problem, one of which it was half raining and another when I was 5 days on, and I was able to send on my first go on the fourth day. I have to use a heel for the "crux move" that throws to a slopey gaston but, as it turns out, being as tall as I am the crux is not getting the gaston but rather snagging the finishing hold.

Nate and I made a special trip on our way back from Arkansas to try and finish off this perfect line and I was lucky enough to climb it. Missing class never felt better...

The Shield (V12).

Hopefully I'll be back on Sunday with some good news!

Jon G.


  1. Stand And Fight/Live By Your Heart

    Always One More Try/I'm Not Afraid To Die

    Stand And Fight/Say What You Feel

    Born with a HEART OF STEEL.

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