Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back To Chatty...

Golden Harvest (V10).

Nate and I are back in Chattanooga and spent the day at Rocktown trying to finish off some boulders. The day was freezing with highs in the upper 20's... We went back to Golden Harvest (V10) after a rough warm-up and I sent after a few tries. I have tried this line a few days over a few seasons and I always wanted to add it to the list. I think this line is one of the best in the Southeast and is very solid for the grade.

We headed up to Speculum (V10) and I finished off some old beef from the Christmas trip in a few tries. This problem has a couple of crux underclings that have slowly broken down and are a lot worse than the original line graded V9 and I believe this problem is now solid V10...

Nate made a "colorado flash" of Sherman Photo Traverse (V9) and i sent quickly after as well as finishing off some other random climbs in the area. A good start to our African American holliday weekend.

Here is a video of one of those random climbs at Rocktown that gets overlooked:

The Day I Out Crimped Litz (V9).


  1. First person to comment on this rig. Now where the video!?!

  2. its coming! im working on it now...

  3. What's the music playing in both of these videos? It reminds of old school Aphex Twin, and I really like it.

  4. The Golden Harvest clip is The Knife (Couple of dudes from Sweden) the song is called Copenhagen. The Day I Out Crimped Litz is also The Knife from a soundtrack called Hannah Med H... pretty good records. Holla!

  5. Hey, Thanks for the reply! I love vibey ambient stuff thats still restrained enough to be sincere and be open to interpretation. Good looking out. Nice site ya got here, props from San Diego. Goddamn do y'all got some nice stone in the southeast.