Sunday, May 17, 2009

New River Raindezvous

You like what I did to the title up there? I am known for my jokes...

That sums up the New River Rendezvous 7.

I spent the majority of the time kickin' it Sportiva style with Doug under the tent. The event went smoothly and there were a lot of people there despite the epic weather and Nate and I were able to take the bouldering comp with the 1, 2 and make some badly needed cash. The sun was beating down in the morning and the humidity was over 204808% so we made the best of it with some repeats and Nate was able to finish off some business at Hawksnest (and Sunday crushed the Squeal Project!).

Jordan workin on the new crane...

The Dyno comp was wet and wild and the party was great I'm sure but I had to split back to Charlottesville late Saturday night for my sisters graduation at UVA.

I'll be in Lynchburg for the beginning of the week setting for Rise Up and hanging with Dave Tucker and Dan Hague. I like to drop names.

If you are not listening to Super Market Knife Attack then you are not living... God I love ATL rap.

Jon G.

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  1. I am from the ATL which means you will love my 1/4 century old rap.