Thursday, March 26, 2009

More from Bishop (Happy Boulders)

I have been busy as hell lately in Boone with the whole Remer event we are throwing but i had a bit of time last night to finally put together a bit more footage from our Bishop trip.

This video has Nate and I doing some of the classics at The Happy Boulders including Atari (V6) and Highbrow (V8). These two boulders were outstanding and scary in different ways... Atari has a 15 foot fall down a weird step and Highbrow has you heel hooking 15 off the deck with a bad landing.

Going Back to Cali...

The Happies, Bishop California

Im heading to Charlottesville for the weekend to do some setting at Rise Up and to hang out with the family.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Jon G.


  1. your best video yet. freal. i lol'd 3 times in the opening frames, and the edits on movement were tight.


  2. Nice, The speedometer gave me a flash back when I had chance to stop at Bishop. Drivin from Bryce I hit 110, super. Satisfaction trailer looks dope.

  3. i wanted the third flash to spedometer... pegged.

    regardless, goot cutz