Wednesday, March 25, 2009

THE Brion Voges

Brion Voges was in town last week and he made dreams come true in the High Country...

Here is a quick interview and a video of his crushings...

The Flame (V7), Temporal Analogues Of Paradise (V9), The BReakup (V9), Twice Upon A time (V10)

So you were recently in Boone, NC and got to climb on some of the astonishing problems there… What was your first impression?

New problems!! Growing up in Tennessee I heard a lot about the amazing climbing in Boone. Turns out most of the things I heard about were true. There really are some amazing climbs in the area!

What were your most memorable sends from your trip, since you did almost everything, and why?

My favorite three climbs were Twice Upon A Time, Instinctual, and my flash of The Breakup. All three of these problems are tall proud lines with scary dynamic finishes - the best kind.

What was your favorite area around Boone and why?

My favorite is Lost Cove. The rock quality there is nearly perfect and the problems reflect that. The concentration of problems at Lost Cove is another plus.

How would you describe the bouldering scene in Boone? Dramatic? Sexy? World class? How about the town and the people?

Wild and very dramatic. Everyone knows everyone, there’s tons of drama in that small town and it follows people to the boulders. There is also a lot of secrecy surrounding the climbing in Boone, projects and areas are kept very hidden.

What did you think of the “locals only” feeling of Boone?

Being from the South, I’m used to this sort of feeling but it’s even stronger in Boone. Like I said, the bouldering is secretive. In Boone you would be extremely lucky to even find a bouldering area without a guide – there are no topos or print guides.

When will you be back?

I’ll be back next winter to try to finish up a few things.

Final Thoughts....

I need food and a haircut.

Thanks Brion! Keep it real in K-Town....


  1. Nice one Voges! Jesus man, syked!!
    Good to see your trip was a success. Come on down! Chatty calls!

  2. Twice Upon a Time looks flipping excellent. Thanks for the vid.