Monday, February 23, 2009

Listen to This and Wear This...

Im at war with a sinus infection so I have been surfing the net, reading, relaxing, and waiting...

The Spirit of Apollo

Then it happened and a little birdie whispered in my ear. N.A.S.A is the name and the album is The Spirit Of Apollo. Pay special attention on the Spank Rock track and be ready for The Mayor featuring The Cool Kids. Let it take you to outer space... Brilliant.

I also found some interstellar watches at Nooka:

The Zub 20mm Zenv Watch

Maybe walking on the moon and kickin it poolside with martians isn't your thing... I'm just trying to make dreams come true and make my escape from this mountain.

So Ill is happening this weekend with a strong crew so hopefully i can heal my head before then...

Here is a really dumb video I made with a friend in a class I'm taking. Star appearances include but are not limited too: Nate Draughn, some snow, and a bag of chips... Enjoy.

El Tramposo.

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  1. Jon....Thanks for the linky link hommie!!! I just linked you as well....Joe K.