Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fresh Socks, New Socks

I think all this traveling is catching up to me. I have had a constant headache since Monday and despite OD-ing on delicious sugar coated Advil the sun still makes me wince...

The next four weeks are packed with fun stuff (Southern Illinois, Bishop, setting) so I went home this weekend to take care of the mom and do a bit of route setting for a gym in Lynchburg, Virginia called Rise Up. I found an engine for my car but it won’t be fixed until Tuesday so that is a drag, but Nate has been letting me use his car to pay the bills.

Nate is the best.

Photo: Dustin Chambers

Brion Voges visited Boone at the beginning of last week and we went to Lost Cove with Nate and a few other friends to get some training in and show Brion the best Boone has to offer. Lost Cove is hands down my favorite area to circuit train because of the high quality of hard boulders within a quick walk. By my count there are 9 problems that are V8 or harder. These beauties are very high quality and 3 of those lines, Matt’s Prow (V8), Two Pop (V9), and It’s Not My Problem (V9) are some of my favorites in the High Country.

Brion sent basically everything at the Cove in a day including an impressive flash of Two Pop (V9) and I was able to snatch the 3rd ascent of Black 45 (V10). Here is the video, it’s a long one but there are over 10 sends with varying beta for each problem. Enjoy.

An Afternoon at Lost Cove.


  1. Get up to Boone people!!! Is this video finally convensing enough for you?? Free climbing..Place to crash..Free tour..4 other areas with just as much stuff, if not more!!

    And um....No, Morphine is trash. Don't try it. It actually fell down the hill....sorry.

  2. Dude i went out to the dump yesterday to check out morphine and i don't think its doable anymore... the boulder rolled just far enough to make it impossible.