Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Buttermilks Video

Well here it is. A quick video about the Buttermilks from our trip to Bishop. A bunch of problems you have seen before but different people climbing on them... (kind of exactly like Mirando and Jimmy's video)

Nate and i were lost in the Bishop high country and shot some funny introduction stuff... at least i think its funny...

The video shows sends of Pope's Prow (V5), Checkerboard (V8), Stained Glass (V10), Evilution to the Lip (V10), and The Mandala (V12).

The Buttermilks.

I have a massive amount of photos as well that i will post here later and i also have a ton of footage of the Happy's and the Sads and some fun in a rental car...

Nate posted a very funny short about his hometown (Franklinton, NC) as seen through the eyes of his kick ass little brother so check that out too... priceless

Trying to recover from a few late nights of "going out"... hungover and happy?

Pictures from the trip turned out well:

Jimmy on Xavier's Roof (V11)

Jimmy on a cool Warmup

Kasia at the Buttermilks...

Nate on Toxic Avenger (V9/10)

Nate on Strength in Numbers (V5)

Spectre (V13)

Nate warming up at the Buttermilks

Nate on the Sharma Traverse (V10)


Nate on the Mandala (V12)

Jedi Mind Trick (V4)

Jimmy on the Hueco Wall (V9)

Hot Springs in Mammoth...

Cali Crew..

Checkerboard (V8)

The Best Problem EVER.

Jimmy on Checkerboard (V8)

Buttermilk Love...


Tommy on Atari (V6)

Atari (V6)

Artesian Truck Jump...

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  1. Yo
    super cool pics and vid. you guys crushed