Thursday, June 11, 2009

Liquore Da Dessert

Brion Voges did No More Greener Grasses (V12) at Mt. Evans in about 10 minutes...

No More Greener Grasses (V12)

Quite impressive. It has always been a goal of mine to do this problem. No More Greener Grasses is very pleasing to look at but a bit on the sharp side so hopefully i can get excited and stand on top of this boulder sometime in my life.

On a much less impressive note, I did a project of mine from last year very quickly this year on the Dali boulder called Super Gui (V11). Its amazing what a La Sportiva heelhook will do for you...

Super Gui (V11)

I was also able to make it up to the Stinkbug Boulder at Rocky Mountain and do the Stinkbug (V10/11) in a couple hours work. There are infinity variations on that boulder, Morrison style, that kind of take away from the main lines but it was still a fun session none the less...

Here are a few pictures of Nate working it. He got very close and almost sent but a flock of humming birds carried him down the mountain to the Veritas Boulder.

Nate really likes Max's L Sport Boots...

Brion Voges

Max Zolotukhin

I have been spending a bit of time at Mt. Evans over the past couple of weeks. I got up to Area B with Ben Spannuth, his friend, Nate, and Brion to try and do Jason Kehl's classic highball called Last Dance (V8). We worked out the moves in about 3 minutes and Brion headed up the boulder in a light sprinkling of snow and by the top it was a complete whiteout and I couldn't see him topout in the blizzard. It come down like crazy for about half an hour then the sun came out and dried up just in time for a quick send from me and Ben and we ran out as another storm dumped. Never a dull moment alpine bouldering...

Mt. Evans in her prime

Last Dance (V8) Photo: Brion Voges

Storm mode. Photo: Brion Voges

Nate got cut up...

Area B Blocks...

Fresh snow at Evans

Ross hating the weather...

Nate on Gorillas in the Mist (V10)

I went to the grand opening of the Denver Bouldering Club in Denver yesterday and did a shoe demo for Sportiva and got to sample the choice angles the new gym had to offer. There were only a handful of routes set but they were fun and tall and there is a great deal of potential for the gym to expand. I think over a hundred people showed up over the course of the evening and everyone seemed to be pretty excited. The gym is run like a co-op and has 24 hour member access so that is new and kind of interesting. Hope it is successful Lee and Kevin! Well done.

We are heading to the Park tomorrow, up to the Green 45 which supposedly is out of the snow. We will see. I need to settle some old beef with Wildcat.

Till then...


  1. sick vids jon. really nice to see what all is going on out there! and good luck up at the four five tomorrow.
    Wildcat stomp!!!!

  2. Word! done! or at least ill try....

  3. i. 10 minutes, eh? i just re-thought the three super sized doughnuts i just ate. wow. the bar is so high, i think i just need to chill under it rather than trying to get better hops... too high.

    ii. it's insane how easy the dail portion of super gui looked for you. rage on tall people! the dali dyno was as cruxy for me as the "real crux" of super gui. you walked up it. dang.

    iii. all of the variations on the lonestar block are hella good [save for power of ten and the low low start to stinkbug... totally lame]. there's something fun about being able to play on the same block till everyone sends the classics!

    iv. [note: thomas is one of the three kings at the dbc as well]

    v. crush wildcat.