Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bishop Update

Like exposed massive blocs? Like highballin'? Like incredible lanscapes and bullet hard stone, practiacally free camping and a town big enough to have fun in? Then Bishop is your bouldering paradise...

This place is a mindgasm of heady bouldering at pee-your-pants heights with a seemingly endless pile of boulder mats at your disposal... Sounds like heaven to me. Oh and did I mention the gobs of hot springs, Artesians and hot tubs strewn across the volcanic tablelands? Yeah book a flight already.

The rock at the Buttermilks is sharp but very solid and the lines are immaculate and clean. The happy's and Sad's are softer Hueco style rock but the quality of lines there is embarassing compared to the Milk's... It just doesnt get better than that. If you were to compile a list of "the best for the grade in the US" i would place 5 or 6 lines from Bishop on that list...

So the trip so far has been really fun and there has been a lot of sending. We had a horrific experience traveling here but once we pulled into bishop and got some rest it was on.

My goal was to do the Mandala (V12) and with some beta from my tall compatriots (Brian Hedrick and Kevin Kuckovich) I was able to do just that. I worked it the first day and linked through the crux and blew the feet and the send. We came back the next day and it was baking in the sun and I felt like trash so after a rest day I went back and locked down the left crimp, made the match and threw to the sidepull and sent! Such a rewarding rock climb and the history behind it is overwhelming so I was relieved to send quickly and not make it a down to the wire epic.

Later that day Nate and I went up to a problem called Checkerboard (V8) which Nate had worked the day before. Nate sent first try and I was lucky enough to flash. This problem is without question one of the best V8s in the country. So thats one more to add to the list.

1)The Nothing
3)Reach for a Peach
4)Jungle Book
5)Matt's Prow

any suggestions?

There is a lack of photos and videos right now but they are coming. We have literally everyting on video...

We are headed to try Spectre tomorrow and Golden Shower with G and Chicken so hopefully a rest day and some new psyche will yield positive results.

We leave on Saturday so hopefully we can clean up some projects...

Jonna Gold


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    that was an expression of psych for the promised mediagasm

  2. Ooooo boy, can't wait to be there tomorrow! nice sends!

  3. Jon + Douche Bag = douche Face.

  4. That was a compliment.