Friday, February 27, 2009

Heading to Illinois

I went up to Grandmother yesterday with Nate to get some video of a fun dyno near the Long Wall area and I came up with an interesting little short. I ended up doing the move 5 times to get different angles and i think it turned out descent. Nate also sent the boulder with a very impressive effort and a little bit of dyno luck. Let me know what you think...

Will's Face Dyno (V9).

Nate and I are off to So Ill with Jimmy, Kasia, and Brion to check out the scene. I have not been yet and Jimmy and Kasia have been once so it should be a great time on new problems with good friends.

I am doing a write up on So Ill for La Sportiva's Live section of their website so hopefully we get some good video and photos of the weekends action.

Jill Church is Killing it in Arizona... It is great to see Boonies making it happen! The Rock Rodeo is this weekend so there should be some crush updates after the storm blows over...

Ill be back Sunday with updates, photos, and video so stay tuned.

Jon G.


  1. Cool Jon! Not entirely convinced on the music choice, but a nice little piece nonetheless.

  2. nice, the variety of shots made a good vid

  3. i will kill whoever hates on M83...

    just a thought.